BEING TOGETHER...it's not always easy!
Sometimes there is just not enough time.
Sometimes a lack of opportunities.
But relationships are the fuel for life!

It's good to have an excuse to get together.
Good to have an excuse to share.
A sweet excuse!


Odra has been creating emotions for years. 
It allows us to share moments and closeness.
It has a taste of relationships
with loved ones, responsibility
for each other and trust. 
For so many years.


Despite the changing world, Odra remains the same and taste even better.
Odra makes life really sweet. Especially when there are people around who provide security and certainty. Such certainty is built up over the years, which is why it is so difficult to replace it with something random.


Odra is a traditional and timeless brand that you can trust.
The value and benefit from the wisdom we have acquired from the very beginning. We take an honest approach to what we created. The years of experience in winning Polish hearts makes us feel fully responsible for every sweet that comes into your hands. 
Indeed, we are proud of each and every one of them!


In Odra tradition is a timeless concept.
It is a process that is happening all the time, even now.
Together we write history, which is created on solid relations between people. After all, what would candy be if it could not be given to someone? What it would be if you could not share it with someone for whom this gesture would be the sweetest possible?